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The information I have is that 67350 was a JRB-6 and was lost on 13 January 1952 while assigned to NAS Anacostia. I have no further details of the circumstances of the crash. -- George Kernahan

Two Navy fliers were killed in the waters between Hickory Island and Bob-Lo.  They were bound for GI Naval Air Station.  Killed were Lt. Robert L Cusick and Lt. William B. Collett III, both from Washington DC where they were on duty at the Naval Intelligence School.  They left NAS Anacostia at 7:47 a.m. and were due to arrive at Grosse Ile at 11:25.  At 11:05 the pilot contacted the City Airport by radio and was turned over to a Grosse Ile Ground Control Approach crew.  The crash occurred shortly after the pilot attempted to land, but was instructed to try the landing again since a mile from the runway the plane swerved off the glide pattern.  Soon after that the air base received two calls from Amherstberg, Ontario that the plane had struck the ice.  A search party led by Lt. Cmdr William Baldridge and Robert Lowrie of East River Road, who was fishing nearby, found the plane half submerged in about 18 ft. of water.  The crew from the base recovered one body but a diver was required to free the other from the wreckage.   This information was taken from an article in the Jan. 18, 1952 Trenton Times. - - Clare Koester

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