By Jack Everett, NARS Y-1 Admin Officer

My last action at Grosse Isle was securing the battalion in a rather unorthodox manner . We had just spent our last weekend at Grosse Isle , and the battalion was in formation in the hanger at 1630 for final muster and secure on Sunday afternoon. As the Admin Officer of NARS Y1 I had mustered the NARS personnel and all the other unit COs had mustered their men and we were waiting for the Training Officer and his staff to arrive to secure the battalion. After waiting more than 30 minutes the Training Officer and his staff had not appeared and the men were getting very restless. As the NARS Y1 Admin Officer, I was, unofficially, the Senior Officer Present so after consulting with several of the unit COs we decided to conduct the Battalion Muster then if the Training Officer did not appear, Secure, I went to the front of the battalion and called the COs up to report their muster then at a few minutes beyond 1700, over a half hour beyond the regular Secure time, the Training Officer had not yet appeared, I DISMISSED the battalion so they could be on their way home. The Training Officer and his staff then showed up and were very perturbed that the men had been dismissed without them being able to give the last minute instructions to appear at Selfridge the next month. Maybe that is why I did not get another promotion but the men were happy. Oh yes, they all appeared at Selfridge the next month.

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