I have flown private airplanes into NAS Grosse Ile that were not equipped with radios. The guys in the tower were always obliging with the green lights.

 Selfridge Air Force Base was a different story. I once radioed in for landing clearance there in a civilian 172 and was told to make a telephone call first to gain permission to land.  This meant landing at another field, then calling the tower and getting a PPR (prior permission request) then taking off again and making the approach. I made a standard approach and tried to turn off at the first intersection. The tower informed me that intersection turn-offs were not allowed, so I fast taxied (flew) the 172 to the end of the runway. Once the tower saw the airplane become airborn again, remember the runway there is 7,000 feet, they wanted to have a heart to heart conversation with me about taking off without permission. Needless to say I never tried to land there again.

 Jack Mansfield...civilian, ex-station keeper and VR week ender.