One of My Shipmates

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This is to all those good ole Medical/Dental Dept. personnel of the 40's, 50's & even into the 60's. 

Do you recognize Ken Venier in the picture?  I would like to write a little about Ken as he was a close shipmate of mine as I'm sure he was to many of you.  Ken came to Grosse Ile after serving aboard the USS Indiana in the Southwest Pacific area
during World War Two.  During our coffee breaks in the diet kitchen Ken wouldn't talk very much about his experience aboard ship but his ribbons showed he was in some of the battles.  Ken was transferred when he was Regular Navy & later came back as a station keeper when his regular tour was completed.  I remember Ken as a quiet, competent corpsman that worked extremely well on his own.  If there was an ambulance run or an emergency it was Ken that you would have to race for the ambulance.  The ambulances were always ready for any emergencies thanks to Ken for the constant care.  The ambulances were "his babies".  Whenever it came to having a cast applied to an arm, leg, etc. it was Ken that the doctor's would request for his assistance.  Do you remember the medical storeroom in the basement?  It was Ken that made those numerous shelves.  Ken was noted for his carpentry work, in fact he paneled my basement into a great room. 

Ken lived at 1313 Buckingham in Lincoln Park, Michigan with his wife Annetta & 3 children, Kenneth. Marcia, & Brenda.  Ken died on 16 October 1996 at the age of 74.  Annetta still lives on Buckingham & still enjoys good health. .  --- Don Fuller

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