Captain Broadhead's Naval Armory

I remember, when stationed at Captain Broadhead's Naval Armory in Detroit when WW II started and they had us heeling and toeing it along the Detroit River in Gabriel Richard Park with the old Springfield, probably meant to prevent an attack from suburban Windsor. That December - January was a cold one and the watches were shortened to two hours. Even so, when the watch was relieved, the rifle was ceremoniously handed over to the relief and we were supposed to open the bolt and demonstrate that there was no live round in the chamber. Wearing the then issued useless navy woolen gloves, we had an 'ellofa time opening the bolt. I still think that's when my fingers became frostbitten and why I sometimes have finger tip problems to this day.

Another anecdote about the Armory at that time was the 3" rifles (cannons) on the second deck facing Canada! They were presumably for training purposes and perhaps Stilwell, Henris or Phillips might have been able to shed some light on that era at the Armory. Did you know that Oscar's brother Arnold was in the navy back then, I believe, and that I think he made Warrant Officer. After the war and in civilian life Arnold, I believe, was in charge of maintenance at the old VA building on Southfield in Dearborn.

And so goes more trivia.

Mick Glasser

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