Blue Angel's Skipper

I had an interesting experience yesterday while parked in a mall lot. As it was hot and sticky, unlike today with rain and thunder, I was wasting petrol with the engine running and a/c also running, radio playing golden oldies, when there's a rap on my window. The rapper, a lady, introduced herself as Lindy Rhodes, a local resident and not too far from me. She noticed my Ex-POW license plate and the Fly Navy decal and wondered if I might have known her granduncle, Dusty Rhodes, a former Blue Angels skipper. "Know Raleigh E. Rhodes?" says I, "I guess I do. We were in the same Air Group, shot down the same day in '42, picked up by Jap destroyers and spent time together in a POW Camp until he was transferred to a different camp. I lost track of him until the Blue Angels were performing at an air show down at NAS Grosse Ile and we had a great mini-reunion then." As he had a two hour spell before the next performance, I had an opportunity to introduce him to Dotty and her parents who were seated on the little balcony above the entrance to Hangar 2. My father-in-law was duly impressed. Small world, eh?

And so goes more trivia.

Mick Glasser

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