Stearman N2S Kaydet

This Navy version taken at Los Alamitos NAS in 1946 and furnished by Neil Johnson

This is a US Army version.

Engine Continental R-670-5
Horsepower 220
Crew 2
Max. speed 124
Range 505 miles
Ceiling 11,200 ft.
Length 25 ft.
Wing span 32 ft 2 in
Height 9 ft 2 in

1933 was the year the Stearman Model 70 began life. It was an open cockpit, two place biplane designed to meet Navy and Army requirements of the 1930's. Production for the military started in 1936 with the Model 75 Kaydet and continued into 1944 when the last Kaydet was built. With the Army, it was the PT-13, 17, 18 and 27, the Navy's version was known as the N2S series. It was the greatest primary trainer of its time. There were over 10,300 of these aircraft built.

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