Consolidated NY-1, -2, -3

Consolidated NY-1

Manufacturer Consolidated
Designation NY-1
Type Trainer & Utility Transport
Powerplant Wright R-790
NY-2                      Photo donated by Eddie Phillps

Shown here in  the second photo during the early to mid 30's is one of Grosse Ile's Consolidated NY-2 floatplanes being hoisted out of the water at what was later to become known as "The Lower Base". This is typical of the type aircraft used in training at the base during this period.

A civil-registered model [NX7918] was used by Lt. James Doolittle in his historic blind-flying demonstration on September 24, 1929.  In a hooded cockpit, with Lt. Ben Kelsey acting as safety pilot, he took off from Mitchel Field, flew a prescribed course for 15 miles, then landed, all by instruments and without ever seeing the ground. New York Times declared next day: "The demonstration was more than an exhibition of blind flying [skill] and instrument perfection, it indicated that aviation had perhaps taken its greatest single step in safety..." - Stanley Outlaw

Consolidated NY-3

Manufacturer Consolidated
Designation NY-3
Type Trainer & Utility Transport
Length 31' 0"
Height 10' 10"
Wingspan  40' 0"
Gross Weight 2599 lbs
Powerplant Wright R-760-94
Horsepower 240
Max Speed 107 Mph
Ceiling 15150 Ft.
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Flight of nine NY-2s

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