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  OLF Newport, MI                                      National Archives


United States Naval air Stations of World War II
Volume 1 - Eastern States
Page 93
Paragraph 4 and 5
Author: M. L. Shettle, Jr.

    OLF Newport, located 10 miles SW of Grosse Ile, had a hard surfaced hexagon that measured 1700 ft. across............ Most of the cadets solo flights were made from here.

    .............During the training days, the station had a total of 16 OLFs -- the largest being the octagon at Newport, Mich.  At Newport, the Navy built a fire station, barracks for crash crews, and refueling facilities.  After the end of primary training, CAG 97 utilized Newport for FCLPs.

    Following the war, Grosse Ile reverted to a reserve base.  OLF Newport, taken over by the Army in the 1950s, became a Nike anti-aircraft missile base.....................

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Jack McKillop

(CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES) dated 9 November 1944.

A copy of a September 1946 list of airfields in the US that I obtained from the FAA number of years ago.

The only two OLF's listed in the USAAF/USN publication is:

NEWPORT, MI: Monroe Airport, 3.5 miles SSE of Newport and 5 miles NE of Monroe at 41-57-30N, 83-18-30 W. The airport was privately owned by operated by the USN. The airport had two clay sod strips: NE/SW 2600 x 500 ft and NW/SE 2900 x 500 ft. Today, Custer Airport (TTF) is located 2 miles NW of Monroe. I don't think it is the same airport since Monroe Airport was NE of Monroe and Custer is NW of Monroe.

NEWPORT, MI: Newport Airport located 3 miles W of Newport at 42-00N 83-22. I think this airport is gone.

Detroit Defense

The following information was extracted from Appendix B "Locations of former
NlKE Missile Sites" in Historical Overview of the NIKE Missile System by
McMaster et al. published in 1983.

The Detroit Defense area included a total of 16 NIKE Batteries which ringed
the city of Detroit, Michigan. The 3rd Artillery/4th Battalion Command which
was part of the 18th Battalion was Headquartered at Detroit, Michigan. The
Newport D-57NIKE Battery and the Carleton D-58 NIKE Battery were under the
command of the 517th Artillery/2nd Battalion which was part of the 504
Battalion headquartered at Detroit, Michigan. Batteries C and D at the
Newport NIKE Missile Battery D-57/58 housed NIKE Ajax from 1955 through 1958
and NIKE Hercules from 1960 through 1974.[52]

Although documentation concerning specific construction activities relating
to the Detroit Defense area batteries is scarce, it appears these facilities
are typical of NIKE sites in general. Most of the NIKE batteries were
constructed and operationalized between 1955 and 1957. All of the NIKE
batteries protecting the Detroit defense area were conv'erted from Ajax to

Hercules between 1959 and 1963.[53]

NlKE Missile Battery D-57/58.

The Newport NIKE Battery D-57/58 appears in documentation under several
different names. Known initially as the Newport NIKE Battery D-57, this name
derives from the facility's former function as the Newport Naval Station.

The NIKE Battery is also referred to in some government documents as the
Carelton NIKE Battery D-58, and in the early 1960's became popularly known
as the Monroe NIKE Base.

NIKE Missile Base D-57/58 is located south of the city of Detroit in a
largely agricultural area. However, unlike many NIKE sites, which were
constructed on previously unused or vacant land, NIKE Missile Battery
D-57/58 was constructed on the site of the former Newport Naval Air Station
at N. Telegraph and Newport Roads in Monroe County, Michigan.

The base was first utilized as an emergency landing strip and training site
for Navy pilots from 1942 to 1945.[54] The site was part of the Grosse Ille
Naval Air Station and consisted of 480.72 acres acquired by the United States
Government in 1942 from William G. Vetter.[55] The site briefly housed
German POW s in 1945 and 1946
. The base was also utilized as the Airport
Community High School from 1947 to 1953. The Department of the Navy
transferred the entire acreage, including 18 structures, to the Department
of the Army in 1954. The Department of Defense acquired the property as part
of the Detroit Defense Area.[56] Thirty-three structures were built on the
property during the period of Army use from 1956 through 1962.

The Newport NIKE Missile Battery (D-57 and 58), as documented consists of 36
structures, located within three discrete areas. The Control Area contains
13 structures, the Launch Area has 12 structures, and 11 structures are in
the administration/housing/mess hall area formerly associated with the
Newport Naval Air Station.

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