Curtiss SBC Helldiver

Type Scout-bomber
Crew Two
Engine One Wright R-1820-34 Cyclone
Pistons 9
Horsepower 950
Max Speed 237 mph @ 15,200 ft.
Cruise 127 mph
Ceiling 27,300 ft
Range 590 miles with 500 lb bomb
Empty Wt 4,841 lb
Max Take-off 7,632 lb.
Wing Span 34 ft.
Length 28 ft. 4 in
Height 12 ft. 7 in
Wing Area 317 sq. ft.
 Armament Two .30 in machine guns, one fixed forward firing and one flexible.
One 500 lb. or one 1,000 lb. bomb.
Biplane scout-divebomber, developed from the parasol-wing fighter. The SBC-1 was a direct parasol-wing derivative of the F12C, the SBC-2 was a redesigned biplane. It was the last biplane scout divebomber of the USN. Some originally ordered by France were used as trainers by the RAF, they called them Cleveland. This was the last U.S. built combat biplane.

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