Grumman TBF / General Motors TBM (Avenger)


TBM3E 1945
Photo of furnished by CDR John Everett         Photo taken by Ensign Malcolm Spitzer

Photo furnished by Gerald F. Clement Jr.

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The Grumman TBF/General Motors TBM Avenger Torpedo/bomber was designed to replace the Devastator which proved to be outdated with heavy loses early in World War II. The first production models of the TBF's went into service in January 1942. It was used in both the Atlantic and the Pacific theaters.

USN Photo from Chief Will Selton's Collection


Under the Grumman TBF name 2,293 and Eastern Aircraft Division of General Motors produced 7547 TBM Avengers of various models.

The Avengers played an important role in the final days with Japan and many remained in service years after the war ended.


Manufacturer Grumman TBF,
General Motors TBM
Designation TBF/ TBM
Nickname Avenger
Type Torpedo Bomber
Crew 3
Length 40' 11"
Wingspan 54' 2"
Wing area 490 Sq. Ft.
Height 16' 5"
Max. Weight 17,895 lbs
Empty 10,545 lbs
No. of Engines 1
Power plant Wright R-2600-20 
Horsepower 1900
Max. Speed 271 Mph @ 12,000'
Cruise 147 Mph
Climb 2060 Fpm
Ceiling 30,100'
Range 1,215 miles

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