The Towers Scheme

Before the USA entered the Second World War, Britain had pleaded with the Americans for military assistance. The Americans were sympathetic but careful of their neutrality but they did agree to provide some limited non-combatant assistance. The US Navy undertook to take 50 student pilots each month and train them as pilots. These Royal Navy men would complete all ground subjects in England, they would then travel to Canada, go by train to Windsor and there they would be formally discharged from the British Forces. As civilians they would cross into the USA and there, US Admiral Towers had them taught flying at Grosse Isle, near Detroit and after initial training on to Pensacola in Florida. After receiving their US Navy pilots wings they all crossed the border into Canada where they re-enlisted, were put into uniforms and commissioned. This course adopted its founders name and was known as the 'Towers Scheme'. -- Tom Stacy