Hiller HTE

Hiller HTE-3

Two NAS GI Hiller HTE-3s

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The Raven was Hiller Helicopters first production aircraft and first flew in 1948.   The design was very successful with both two- and three-seat models that were sold to both civil and military markets.

The HTE-2 was the Navy version of the Hiller commercial model 360. The Navy HTE-2 was equiped with a 200 HP engine and had a climb rate of 745 feet per minute.

The U.S. Navy acquired the Raven and designated it the HTE-1. The Navy flew the HTE from 1948 until 1962. Later versions were the HTE-2 which were NAS Grosse Ile.

NAS Grosse Ile received the first HTE-2s in 1952.

Manufacturer Hiller
Designation HTE
Versions  -2
Type Trainer
Crew 2
Length 38" 7.5'
Wingspan 35"
Gross Weight 2,500 lb
No. of Engines 1
Power plant Franklin 6V4-200-C33
Horsepower 200
Max. Speed  84 Mph


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