Duck Hunter Rescued

Duck hunter Frank Selula of Wyandotte, MI was hunting one Friday morning north of Grosse Ile near Mamajuda island. High winds swept the water out and stranded him and his boat on the island. Without food or water, throughout the day he attempted to light a fire but only found wet wood. Overnight he huddled in his duck blind for shelter. Late Friday and Saturday the area was blanketed with snow. Early the following morning he caught the attention of a passing freighter who radioed his distress and at 10.15 a.m. Lt. Louis Helms and AD-Morris Bertsch performed the rescue.

With warm coffee close at hand, Frank Sekula (left) explains how he came to need the Navy's assistance to the NAS Public Information Officer Lcdr. Owen (center) and one of his two rescuers, pilot Lt. Louis Helms (right) and AD-1 Morris Bertsch.

On Friday before being stranded Sekula successfully bagged 2 Ducks. Upon reaching the safety of the main land he promptly presented them to his 2 rescuers. From the left Frank Sekula, Lt. Louis Helms, AD-1 Morris Bertsch.


Later that morning Lt. Helms explains the benefits of having a distress whistle to Sekula as Bertsch looks on. Something all pilots and crew are never with out. If Sekula had something similar to use the day he was stranded, his rescue undoubtedly would have of occurred much sooner.

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