Leo J. Montgomery Rescue

After 3 days on the river Leo J. Montgomery of Amherstberg, Ontario, Canada was rescued by a Grosse Ile Helicopter and crew. Stranded for 3 days on a cold wind swept dike in the Detroit river with out food. On Friday Mr. Montgomery had gone to the dike to retrieve some things he had inadvertently left in his duck blind. Upon arrival his outboard was swamped and he could not start the engine. He survived by finding enough dry drift wood to make a small fire in his duck blind. Early Sunday a tanker, the Paratex, became aware of his distress and notified the Coast guard who in turn contacted the Naval Air Station. At approximately 9:15 the rescue crew consisting of Lcdr. Lindsay of HUP squadron 732 ( a week end Warrior) and AD-1 Morris (a station keeper) were dispatched. Unable to land they plucked him from the dike by hoist. Mr. Montgomery's first request was a cigarette and food.

Upon arrival at NAS Grosse Ile Leo Montgomery looks rather grim as he is greeted by a number of station personnel. At left Morris Bertsch had just escorted him from the plane

Pilot Lcdr. Lindsay shakes hands with a much happier Leo Montgomery as Bertsch looks on.

Looking down from the helicopter Morris Bertsch demonstrates how Leo was hoisted from the Dike. Mr. Montgomery was quoted as saying, " Nothing to it, I just hitched up like you see in the movies". This was also the first time he had ever been in an airplane.

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