Expansion North of Groh Road

NAS Grosse Ile continued to grow with a major expansion of facilities north of Groh Road. In the lower center is the new Transportation and Garage Maintenance building with rounded roofs. To the left is the Link Trainer building with the flat roof. Next left are two two-story aviation training buildings. Almost in the center is a large complex of interconnected buildings. These buildings housed the Galley and Mess Halls for Cadets, Chief Petty officers, and Enlisted personnel. Here the food was prepared in the Galley areas and served in the Mess Hall area. The Cooks Barracks is the long narrow building to the rear of the complex. The 2 smaller buildings are garbage shacks. In the upper left corner of the photo are 2 barracks buildings and 2 more on the immediate right. Proceeding right and down a bit is the Base Recreation Building. The large protrusion to the rear housed the Gymnasium/Movie Theatre. To the right and up some what is the hobby shop complex. Below that is 2 two-story barracks units and below them is another barracks unit. -- Hal Neubauer

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