Date 29 March 1947  SNB aircraft 80 buro # 51274 after wheels up landing.

The Navy Accident Report for SNB-2 BuNo 51274 for 29 March 1947 notes these words:

"Accident at NAS Grosse Ile, Michigan Pilot was USNR Ensign Richard M. Doudna? (some typing on the report microfilm difficult to read) on a reserve training flight.

Pilot made a wheel up landing damaging engine mount, port & starboard engines & props.

Finding of pilot error (judgment or technique, carelessness or negligence)

Pilot failed to turn on generator switches. Pilot landed wheels up against a red light. Pilot feared running out of gas although he knew he had not been in the air more than two hours and in his statement stated all tanks were full on takeoff thus giving him a minimum of four hrs. Pilot did not execute proper emergency procedure. No injuries.

At approx 1150 SNB-2 51274 appeared over NAS Grosse Ile. Radio contact could not be established between tower and plane. Pilot started normal landing pattern and came into final with wheels up. Tower flashed a red light and pilot pulled up and went around. He then zoomed tower at low altitude several times for a wheel check. Each time he was given a red light. In the meantime another pilot was sent up in an FG-1D to give emergency procedure but the pilot of the SNB would not allow the FG to close on him. Also another SNB with a blackboard was being readied but before it could become airborne the pilot of 51274 came in for a wheels up landing. Immediate investigation of the plane showed both generator switches behind the pilot and co-pilot to be in the off position and subsequent investigation showed both batteries to be completely dead. Tank readings after accident were left Main .4, right main .7, left aux .3, right aux .4, giving a total of 100 gals aboard. The pilot was awarded a private reprimand for his poor judgment and general carelessness."

The SNB-2 was remanufactured to SNB-5 configuration 29Dec50 and redesignated TC-45J in 1962 and UC-45J in 1964. In late 1960s it was in storage at Davis Monthan with 11,928 hrs total time since remanufacture. No record of it being civil registered. -- Bob Parmerter

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