NAS Grosse Ile
Fire Department

This is the fire station as it looked before it was demolished in August 2000. Some of the bricks were saved and used in the restoration of Hanger 1. The main difference from this view is the color of the bay doors. When the base closed in 1969 they were painted red. - Stanley Outlaw

 Navy Day 1945. 

Grosse Ile 3 MB-5 in the early 60s

Crash 7 NAS Glenview  1971 Oshkosh MB-5.

Fire Fighters 1944

1944 Equipment

Base Fire Boat

Seaplane Hanger Burns
Circa 1968

Demolition  August 2000

Salvage Barge

1945 training

Fire and Crash Crew

1946 Fire Crew

At the time the base closed in 1969 the fire department was manned by both Navy and civilian firefighters. The motorized equipment they used consisted of 2 old John Bean High Pressure 750 GPM structural pumpers, 1 MB-1, 2 MB-5 (a 65 and 69 models) crash trucks, 1 Purple K unit mounted on a 4x4 pickup,  8000 gallon tanker trailer pulled by an International cab and 2 reserve MB-5 ( I believe they were 1955 models) crash trucks. - Stanley Outlaw

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