Flight Log

The log book belonged to Leading Airman Bruce R. R. McDonald, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. The log reflects basic flight training at NAS Grosse Ile from January 25 th. to February 29, 1944. According to an entry made by Lcdr. O.S. Deitrick Jr., Supt of Aviation Training, Leading Airman, McDonald along with the RN contingent was transferred to Lambert Field Mo. to complete their primary flight training. Airman McDonald was passed out of Pensacola on November 7, 1944 and later from USNAS Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 22 1945. Subsequently ha flew "Avengers" in England, Ceylon and Australia. And as a Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserves, he flew Seafires ands Sea Planes with the 1932 Squadron. He was based at Royal Naval Air Station Culham. Oxfordshire, from 1951 to 1955.

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