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"This is a shot taken opposite to the historical photo of Medical building toward the mess halls.  I believe officer and enlisted was in the same complex but separated.  The concrete pad in front is the infamous grinder I referred to in the historical pictures."

Jerry Clement
Van Nuys, California

"This complex of buildings is actually one building with multiple wings. What you see are the Mess Hall wings. It also contained in the wings to the rear the actual Galley where the food was prepared and cooked. Behind that
complex was a separate building for Cooks Quarters. During the war years it contained the Dining Facilities for the entire base. It had mess halls for Cadets, as well as Enlisted personnel. Some with separate Galleys. In the 50's the facilities was down sized with wings secured and un used. The wing in the center with the little whit shack on the front was the CPO Mess. The wing to the left of that with the little whit shack on the side near the front was the Enlisted Mess. During Boot Camp, "A" School and as an AA and AN I spent a lot of time preparing, serving and cleaning up afterward in those spaces.

The officers mess was located in the rear of the same Building that contained the CO's & XO's quarters."

Hal Neubauer

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