Trenton High School Alumni

In the 50's a strong sense of patriotism pervaded our Nation. A decade earlier WW II had ended. The Korean Conflict wound down in the mid 50's. "The Uniform" garnered respect every where. Our country embraced Service men and women for their courageousness and they were "Role Models" for the youth of the era. The photo below is of a group of High School Students who joined the Reserves, in that time frame, while still in school accompanied by one of their teachers. This kind action was replicated at High Schools around the Country during that period.
The Trenton High School alumni are:
Front row: Dick Riley, Dan Scott, David Dubrey, Chief Anthony Malinowski, teacher& coach, John Deleon, Robert Pautsch, Bill Prickett.
Middle row: Erving Stedman, Dick Robinson, George Boyette, J.L. Prickett.
Back row: John Riley, Robert Marcum, Hal Neubauer.

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