Edward Macholl Collection

Last Commanding Officer,  Cdr John Doyle and XO  Lcdr. Edward Macholl before decommissioning in 1960. - John Sanger

Last VP 731 Cruise in 1960 at Whidbey Island, Wash.  Cdr. John Doyle CO,  Lcdr. Edward Macholl XO,  I think the Warrant Officer is CWO Pelitier?? - John Sanger

P2V 202, 124867 in Rota Spain in September 1959,  Officers are Lt. Maguire,  Lcdr. Davis and Lcdr Macholl,  Enlisted are Suhadja, Behnke, Fitchpatrick, Prickett, Gunther and Segars. - John Sanger

Photo of VP 731 Officers, Arrows point to Maguire, Doyle, and McBrien.  Others are Henry, Parkey, Preshaw and Zaitzeff, chief unknown. - John Sanger

NASGI P2V 202 in Whidbey Island, WA, 1960

Crew 3 in Port Lyautey, July 1958, In picture are Macholl, Davis, McGeough, Fitchpatrick, Suhajda, Graham, Behnke and others

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