Sometimes mistakes causes the greatest learning. Reminds me of my former Reserve CO who went to work for a charter company. He flew a med-flight up to Chicago with some human organs one dark night. Going up he said they always give those flights top priority with first landing rights. On the return trip, well, it's back to being a small twin in the big boys flight pattern of the USA.

Upon returning to Columbus, OH, he was cleared finally up to 11,000 and leveled off. It was quiet, it was dark and it was a clear night. In fact it was kind of boring and he was getting sleepy. He noticed that he needed to switch fuel tanks.

Instead of switching, he turned the fuel off and both engines shut down! OH MY GOSH! That quietness WOKE him up right now and he got both restarted before Center realized what had happened. He LEARNED real quick that airplane engines need fuel to make them noisey. 

So many stories, so little time.

Jim Shaw

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