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8 AUGUST 2001
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Though the efforts of many people over the past 5 years, the veterans of Grosse Ile now have a lasting tribute in their name. With the restoration of Hangar 1, a beautiful plaque mounted on Granite at the entrance of land dedicated as a Memorial Garden and a wonderful museum, future generations will remember. We invite all to visit and enjoy.

Other than the Township Hall project, money has been raised for these projects though various fundraisers, big band dances and airport events. Profits where then deposited into a separate account setup within the Township of Grosse Ile. This arrangement has worked well to date, allowing participation by all interested but controlled by the Township.

It has come to my attention that it could be time to put in place a sperate steering group for future expansion of the Memorial Garden. A group that can manage activities of fund raising and spending. To date, there is approximately $14,000 in the NAS Memorial Fund that can be turned over to the group. I will be willing to work with an attorney to set up a separate entity and even sit on the board if need be, however, the board should have a make up of other interested parties outside of Township government.

I know our yahoogroup is small, and most people live outside of the Grosse Ile area, however, I ask for your help though web page advertising and personal phone calls to contact interested parties. We need the museum and Memorial Gardens to last. The museum is stewarded by the Grosse Ile Historical Society, now it's time to find a leader for the Gardens. Even though a lot of good work has been done, a lot more is needed. Also, the word of these tributes must find a better way of getting to the people. If no one knows of their existence, than all will forget.

Please e-mail any of your comments.

Regards, John Raithel

Monday 30 July 2001 

The dedication went quite well.  It was really a dedication of the stone and  plaque as there is yet no garden there.  In attendance were Township officials, airport officials, airport workers, members of the Historical Society Board and some other interested citizens.  The ceremony opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, Rev Ted Aller of the Presbyterian Church gave an invocation, John Raithel gave a short history of the site, and the stone was unveiled.  The ceremony was followed by a brief reception, with refreshments, in the Hangar 1 Lobby Museum. 
"This Memorial Garden is dedicated to the men and women of the military who served at this Naval installation.  Known as the "Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier" this naval Air Station, in its ever changing flight training mission, trained tens of thousands of men and women from around the United States, Canada and Great Britain.  NAS Grosse Ile served as one of the most important flight training bases in the country.  Let us never forget the role of this Base; the VETERANS who served here, their Commitment to Duty and the sacrifices they made for the Freedom we all enjoy today.  May God bless them all.  July 20, 2001. 

The bronze plaque is  mounted on a granite stone sitting on a concrete pillar symbolizing permanence.


Clare Koester


Monday 30 July 2001 

The dedication went very well. It was a great day, although the temperature was in the high 90's. We had approximately 30 people attend the unveiling of the plaque and the Garden concept drawing. The Gardens will be in the shape of the airfield! It looks really cool.

Everyone has been so excited about the entire project of the museum and the Memorial. I hope one day you can visit.

FYI: We had another fund raiser this weekend and raised $7,000.00 for the Memorial.

Regards, John

Friday, November 03, 2000 9:57 AM

The 13th is the dedication of the Township Hall. 
         6:30 - 7:30 p.m. is the Dedication Ceremony (inside of hangar #1)
         7:30 - 8:30 p.m. is a reception and public tours of the new offices

Both are open to the public.  The actual space for the museum will not be competed by the 13th, however, we will be showing the public where the displays will be located with diagrams.  All of the photos will be in place by the 13th.  The historical society has been working on selecting photos, blowing them up, having them professionally framed and selecting the area in Township hall to place them.  These photos include the commander photos.

But to get to your question, you can post the ceremonies on your site.  I will update you as to when all of the display cases are completed and the computer is installed in the lobby.

If you have any additional questions please let me know.

Jon Stout

P.O. BOX 131

23 AUGUST 2000

Dear Friends of NASGI,

 The Grosse Ile Historical Society is very pleased to announce the plans for the new Airport Lobby Museum and Gallery are finally seriously underway.  Although the museum/gallery will be housed in the Township Offices at the airport, it will be totally under the ownership, care and protection of the Grosse Ile Historical Society.  We will set up the displays, keep them current and select the pictures.

 The Lobby Museum will have four floor-to-ceiling showcases, one corner showcase and two floor-to-counter showcases.  These will be locked at all times.  A computer with Stanley Outlaw's Virtual Museum will be on one wall. Several large (40" x 50") photos will be hung on the upper walls.  Photos will be hung along all the corridors - about 100 photos in all.  These will be copies - originals will be properly stored.

 The Historical Society would like to be contacted concerning any artifacts you might be willing to donate to this project.  The gifts must have an NASGI connection.  They must also be approved by the Museum Committee before acceptance - we really cannot handle many  duplicates.  So if you have anything, and I hope you do, please send me a description.

 We are especially looking for:
  1..A United States flag that flew over the base
  2. An NASGI flag or banner (or a good picture of one so we can have a flag made)
  3. Training manuals or copies of orders
  4. Any souvenir that says Grosse Ile Navy or Naval Air Station
  5. Specific memorabilia from the Seaplane Base or the ZMC2 hangar.

 I can be reached in several ways:
  By mail: The Grosse Ile Historical Society          By email:
                                     Attn: Clare Koester                               or
                                     P.O. Box 131             
                                     Grosse Ile, MI 48138

 I assure you all items will be properly accessioned, cared for and appreciated.  I am happy to announce that the museum at Selfridge Air Force Base is very cooperative and is donating some materials to us.


1.  Donations to the Museum's collections are tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax, gift and estate purposes.  The valuation of donated materials for tax purposes are the donors responsibility.  Appraisals by the museum staff constitute conflict of interest and are not accepted by the IRS.

2.  All donations are considered outright and unconditional gifts to be used at the museum's discretion.  A gift to the museum may not be reclaimed by the donor and/or his heir.

3.  No gift may be accepted with the understanding that it will be exhibited permanently nor may any collection of objects be accepted with the understanding that it will be kept intact or exhibited as a unit.

4.  Donated materials are retained in the collection as long as they continue to be relevant and useful for the museum's purposes and activities, maintain their physical integrity and authenticity, and can be properly stored, preserved and used.  Objects in the collection are removed only after review by the Board of Trustees of the Grosse Ile Historical Society.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Clare Koester, Museum Committee, Grosse Ile Historical Society

8 August 2000

The Township has had the second meeting with the historical society regarding the lobby display cases and presentation devices. Another meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow to go over the preliminary costs for these display cases. It is also my understanding that a plan has been worked out with the historical society for collection and cataloging the materials donated. In addition, the historical society will be responsible for the display of the items in the Township hall as well as the selection of photos for the building.

Also we are working with Congressman Dingells office to locate and acquire an aircraft that was stationed here to put on display, as well as the tin  hangar that is in use at the EPA. I'm not sure where this will lead but any aircraft will be a nice addition for a display piece.

Jon Stout

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