The following aerial photographs of the NAS Grosse Ile Aux. Air Fields. Also referred to as OLF's. These were taken May 2, 2001 my birthday. -- Hal Neubauer

OLF 07:

Custer - Radial 232/17 - Currently the site of Custer general aviation airport.


OLF 08:

Leathers - Radial 249/22 - Currently a cultivated farm field behind a red barn along a country road.


OLF 09:

Maybee - Radial 250/18 - Near a bend in the country road it is presently a cultivated farm field.

OLF 10:

Scofield - Radial 252/16 - The location is a cultivated field presently located behind a country pool home.


OLF 11:

Blackmore - Radial 258/14 - Another farming area currently accommodating high tension power distribution towers and lines.


OLF 12:

Newport - Radial 238/13 - The large circular concrete landing pad is over grown with scrub bushes and trees but still evident as well as related concrete foundations. This was the location of the largest and most frequently used of all the auxiliary fields.

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