Douglas R5D-2 Skymaster

This is the first C54 assigned to Grosse Ile. Cdr J Boyd. Cdr. A. C. Alder. Mike D'Ambrosio and myself picked it up in Calif.. about (59) That's Boyd in the Cockpit. - Will Shelton ADRC Retired

Manufacturer Douglas
Designation  C-54 (R5D, Skymaster)
Type Transport / Cargo
Crew 4
Length 93' 10"
Wingspan  117' 6"
Hieght 27' 6"
No. of Engines  4
Powerplant Pratt & Wright R-2000-7
Horsepower 1350 each
Cruise speed 192 Mph
Wingarea 1460 Sq ft
Empty Wt 37000 lbs
Gross Wt. 62000 lbs
Max Wt. 73000 lbs
Max Speed 265 Mph
Ceiling  22,000'
RANGE 2000 miles

This aircraft had crew positions for a pilot, co-pilot,  radio, weather radar operator.

Some Important Dates

20 Oct 1955 - Two P2V Neptunes and two R5D Skymasters of VX-6 forged the first air link with the continent of Antarctica with a flight from Christchurch, New Zealand, to McMurdo Sound.

30 Sept.1958 - Deep Freeze IV began as Rear Admiral G. J. Dufek, Commander Naval Support Force, Antarctica, and four of his staff arrived at McMurdo Sound aboard an R5D of VX-6.

1 Oct. 1959 - An R5D Skymaster, piloted by Lieutenant Commander J. A. Henning of VX-6 arrived at NAF McMurdo Sound after a flight from Christchurch, New Zealand. The arrival of Rear Admiral D. M. Tyree, Commander Naval Support Force Antarctica on this first flight of the season marked the operational implementation of Operation Deep Freeze 60.

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