These men were pilots in 733 and one was the electronics officer but not a pilot.   Standing is Keith Bushnell and Ernie Beffel. Seated is Dick VanAllsburg, Bob Guilbault, and Chuck Gardner. Keith was electronics officer.

I couldn't get the reunion committee together for the photos they were so wired that night. They did a super job. Mark your calendar now for 2002 Sept when they hope to have the next one.- Hal Neubauer

At this table from the left, Mrs. Phillippe (husband wandering) Marcia Neubauer, Me, John and Donna Kothe ( he was in Av Tech Trg in the early to mid 50's and his wife worked for Marcia's Dad in the GI Hi School for a year.) and Mary Ann and Art Padget.- Hal Neubauer

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