Okay true story at NASGI, we had a S2 in check down in main hanger, during the check we found a leak in the wingfold cylinder it would be the one you could get to when the wings were folded. Since I had the Saturday duty I was going to remove it and then on Monday we'd either repack it or replace it. One of the problems doing that is you could loose a little fluid when you removed the lines at the cylinder & the time it took you to cap & plug all the openings. I get everything capped & plugged per SOP and after removing it, I'm back up on top finishing up a come down off the wing and step onto the non folding portion of the wing just above the nacelle and right on top a some hydraulic fluid well faster than you can say OH DARN I slip onto my butt and down off the nacelle and land flat on my butt in a seated position and of course thinking I've alone in the hanger I proceed to vocalize most every cuss word I could think of, all of a sudden I realize I'm not alone but a lady is leading a group of cub scouts on a tour of the hanger, she looks at me and says "Young man do you always talk like that" and on the spur of the moment I reply "Lady I don't always fall off these blankly blank airplanes" she and the troop are gone in a heartbeat and I figure well you've done it now but I think she understood and nothing was ever said about it.

I think this was what made me change from AMS to ADJ!

Tom Burden ADC Ret.

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