Model SNC-1
Nickname Falcon
Type Two seat low wing monoplane
Function scout/trainer
Crew  2
Engine Wright R-975-E3 Whirlwind
Pistons 9
Horsepower 420
Max Speed 201 mph
Cruising speed 195 @ 2,500 ft.
Ceiling 21,900 ft.
Range 515 miles
Empty wt. 2,610 lb.
Takeoff Max 3,626 lb.
Wingspan 35 ft.
Length 26 ft. 6 in.
Height 7 ft. 6 in
Wing Area 174.3 sq. ft.
Armament one .30 in. machine-gun
Bomb Load light bombs under wing
Number built 305
First Order Nov. 1940 by US Navy

The SNC was a variant of the Curtiss-Wright CW-21 with a redesigned fuselage which provided for a crew of two. It also had a change of engine that lowered power for training.

Falcons were of all metal construction with fabric covered ailerons and retractable main landing gear and non retractable tail wheels. It had an extended canopy with the student forward and the instructor in the rear. Both cockpits had full controls and instruments so the SNC could be used for instrument training along with gunnery and bombing practice. There had also been provisions made for radios and oxygen systems when needed.

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