Curtiss TS-1
The TS-1 was the first post World War I fighter aircraft designed and built for the Navy. The Curtiss production was supplemented bay the Naval Aircraft Factory. It had truss-type interplane struts, a underslung lower wing and was the last of the wooden Navy fighters.
Manufacturer Curtiss, NAF
Designation TS-1
Equivalent to F4C-1
Type Fighter
Cost $9,975
Crew Pilot
Length 24' 10"
Height 9' 7"
Wingspan 25'
Gross Weight 2089.00 lbs
No. of Engines 1
Powerplant Wright J-4 or Lawrance J-1
Horsepower 200
Range 482 miles
Max Speed 123.00 Mph
Ceiling 16250.0 Ft
First Order 1921
First Delivery May 9, 1922
Last Delivery Oct. 8 1923
Number Procured 43
First operating unit USS Langley CV-1
Performance and range slightly less with floats.
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