Vought UO-1

The Vought UO-1 overcame all competition and was produced in large numbers and became the standard battleship and cruiser based observation type aircraft for the Navy until it was replaced by the O2U-1.

Manufacturer Chance-Vought
Designation UO
Version -1
Type  Utility
Length 29' 3"
Height 9' 11"
Wingspan  34' 1"
Gross Weight 2608.00 lbs
Powerplant U-8-D
Horsepower  (each): 250
Max Speed 109.00 Mph
Ceiling 16550 Ft
First Order 1922
First Delivery July-Oct. 1922
Last Delivery  April-June 1927
Number Procured 163
First Operating Unit USS Tennessee BB-43
Replaced by O2U-1

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