Crash of a Stoof


During the 1961-62 recall of VS 733 the squadron had one major accident, while on active duty with the Atlantic Fleet and assigned to NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts. Returning from a search mission one weekend afternoon, Lcdr. Little, Lt Fraites and Crew experienced what was later determined to be wind shear while on final approach. The active runway parallel the balloon hanger to the south where the squadron facilities and flight line were located. The aircraft came to rest in a mostly deserted parking lot to the north and just east of the hanger. Had it occurred during the week the parking lot would have been full of squadron and base personnel vehicles. This photo was taken minutes after the crash. The foam on the starboard side and nose of the aircraft and concrete was used to extinguish a minor electrical fire associated with the collapsed nose strut. No one was injured. After the formal inquiry the crew returned to flight status.


   Hal Neubauer

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