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This was known as hanger #3 during my tenure.  It has an interesting history.  When originally built the building had solid oak floors.  The cadets used it for Marching/PT/Basketball/Dances, etc.  The right back corner (NE-you're looking NNE) was the ordinance shop.  In the late 40's and 50's they moved aircraft into the building for storage.  Actual maintenance was performed in hangers 1 & 2 initially.  The SNJ's, Corsairs and then AD's leaked oil and destroyed the floors.  They were torn up, but the floor joists remained and in the ensuing years the floors had concrete between the 2 x 12 floor joists and the aircraft humped and bumped as they were towed in or out.  I believe it remained in that condition until the base closed.  I towed many an S2F in and out of there on duty nights.  Some limited maintenance then took place but very little.  What one sees when looking at the picture were all the line shacks across the front of the building.  The AD, S2F and P2V lines were located there.  The Reservists operated out of there extensively.  I believe there were flight lockers along the north side of the building in the space Ordinance shop did not occupy and maybe even ready rooms.  The ramp close in to the hanger had the AD's and S2F's.  The P2V were kept facing the hanger, but stored along the taxi way adjacent to the E-W runway.  Eventually the Ad's were reassigned to the West coast and left.
H.G. Neubauer

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